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One of the Jewish people’s greatest teachers (and one of my great teachers) now mourns the loss of his mother. Let us reflect upon her incredible legacy:

A Jewish Mother’s Wisdom

The Torah portion that Jews the world over will read this coming Shabbos (Re’eh) begins with the following words:

“See, I present before you today a blessing and a curse. The blessing, that you listen to the commandments of Ha-Shem your God that I command you today. And the curse, if you do not listen to the commandments of Ha-Shem your God and you stray from the path that I command you today…”
(Deuteronomy 11:26-28)

The Torah tells us that a blessing will be the result of Torah observance and a curse the result of lack of observance, yet the Torah does not describe the nature of the blessing or curse. The rewards or punishments are not here enumerated. Why not?

Pay careful attention to the wording: “The blessing, THAT you listen to the commandments…”

The Torah doesn’t simply mean here that we will be rewarded for keeping the commandments, rather a life consistent with the Torah’s directives IS THE BLESSING. “The blessing, that you listen to the commandments…”

We’re so busy with our regular lives, there doesn’t seem to be much room for change. And truth is, there isn’t much, but there is a little room for change, perhaps, an eensy-beensy bit of room for change – so let’s take advantage of it! This will bring the Torah’s blessing into our lives.

I’m proud to present a great new article/column penned by the father of a very close friend. Enjoy!

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