We have only ourselves to blame


The words of G-d through His prophet Isaiah (27:4):

I have no wrath; if only I could be as briars and thorns at war, I would step on her, I would set them aflame altogether.

Rashi explains:

“I have no wrath” — I cannot express My case to pour out my wrath against the nations, for Israel, too, sins.

“if only I could be as briers and thorns at war” — against those with whom I am at war, and that is Ishmael. If only I could punish them without the objection of the Attribute of Justice! If the Children of Israel would repent, that would set Me as briars and thorns against those with whom I am at war! I would step over the Attribute of Justice and punish them (Ishmael)… and set them aflame altogether.”

Interestingly, Rashi interprets this end-times prophecy as referring to Ishmael, the progenitor of the Arab nations, though I’m not sure how this is indicated by the text. Remarkably, though, according to Rashi, this reflects accurately the current state of Israel’s affairs, very much oppressed and abused by the Arab peoples from both within and without its borders. Why does G-d not rescue us from our woes and punish the wicked ones? Because we too are wicked! We too commit wrongdoing and do not repent, so we have no right to demand “justice” against our enemies when the same claim can be made against the Jews. The Jewish people must return to the ways of the Torah; this is the only route to providing salvation from our enemies. Until then, even G-d must act “fairly,” though it is not He that holds back the redemption, it is we.

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2 thoughts on “We have only ourselves to blame

  1. Yes. It is the Arabs (Ishmael) who openly praise G-d (“Allah Hu Akbar!”) even as they commit horrific murder. G-d’s name is always upon their lips. Who else in this world praises G-d aloud and shouts His Sovereignty to the world? Alas, most Jews today do not even believe that there is a G-d. Those that do, believe he is some kind of “spiritual force for good” — something like a smiley-face in outer space. Even the so-called orthodox merely shiver in their shoes, afraid to state that Israel has a Living G-d who has chosen us from all the Nations; we don’t want to offend the Gentiles!! Our so-called “leaders” are clueless, and support whatever policy is politically correct at the moment — never even considering what is commanded in the Torah. G-d warned us in his Torah “‘But if you do not drive out the inhabitants of the land, those you allow to remain will become briers in your eyes and thorns in your sides. They will give you trouble in the land where you will live.” How can G-d help us against the Arab/Nazi enemy when our leaders refuse to carry out his simple command? G-d wants to harass our enemies with briers and thorns, but WE CHOSE to give this weapon to the so-called Palestinians. Yes, we have only ourselves to blame!

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