a letter to my wonderful father (may he live and be well)

Dear Dad,

Reading this verse, said by King Hezekiah upon being healed by G-d from his near-death illness, made me think of you:

“The living, the living, he will acknowledge You as I today, [like] a father to children will make known Your Truth.” (Isaiah 38:19)
Rashi: “The father informs and directs the awareness of his son toward Your Truth, to believe in You.”


When people have asked me how it is that I developed such a strong awareness of and commitment to belief in Ha-Shem and the Torah, I don’t hesitate to tell them that it is due to the powerful guidance of my father who instilled these truths in me from an early age. Thank you for the formative years that have enabled me to be the person I am today.
Your loving son,

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