Fiery Love


“Support me with ashishoth, for I am love-sick.” (Song of Songs)

“In the Midrash, [ashishoth] is explained to mean two fires (eshoth). The meaning is as follows: Love is compared to fire, as in the statement, ‘Abundant waters cannot extinguish the love,’ and it is known to all that the closeness of the lover to the loved one is as the closeness of the loved one to him. So too, as is the awakening from below, so is the awakening from above, and if the fire of love would burn within us as a constant fire that would not be extinguished, resultantly, G-d’s love would be revealed to us. However, ‘this is not with me, for I am love-sick (i.e. deficient of love), therefore I have asked that You support me with two fires — my fire, and Your fire.'” (Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin)


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