Two Tablets given at Sinai in the form of G-d’s Name


The Tetragrammaton, or Four-Letter Name of G-d, is formed by the Hebrew letters ‘Yud’-‘Heh’-‘Vav’-‘Heh.’ According to Rabbi Yeshayah Horowitz (zt”l) in his magnum opus, Sheney Luchoth ha-Berith (known by its abbreviation, the ShLa”H), this name is reflected in the shape of the two tablets containing the Ten Commandments. The letter ‘yud’ has a numerical value of 10 in Hebrew,thus the 10 Commandments represent that letter. ‘Heh’ has a numerical value of 5. The first and second ‘heh’ in G-d’s name are represented in the division of the 10 Commandments into two groups of 5 (each tablet bore 5 commandments). The numerical value of ‘vav’ is 6. The measure of each of the tablets was cubic, with a height, width and depths of 1 cubit each, a cubit measuring 6 tephachim (handbreadths). The ‘Yud’ (10)-‘Heh’ (5)-‘Vav’ (6)-‘Heh’ (5) name of G-d, then, manifested in the 10 Commandments (‘yud’), divided into 5 (‘heh’and 5 (‘heh’), framed by a cube with a measure of 6 (‘vav’). (This idea “pressed” from Sheney Luchoth ha-Berith, vol. III, Torah she-biChthav, Parashath Yithro.)



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