Learning in Pajamas, Episode 1!

So for those of you that don’t know, while by night I’m crazy Internet Torah blogger, by day I’m a 1st and 2nd grade Judaic Studies teacher. Been playing around with some video lesson recordings. Here’s my first one — lemme know what you think!

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Doomed to Repeat Them

We constantly hear in the media and from left-leaning individuals and groups, as well as from the United Nations and the spokespeople of the various world nations, about the evils perpetrated by the State of Israel any time it┬átakes defensive actions against the groups or individuals that have sworn to destroy it. The enemies of […]

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Riddle Me This…

Dear Readers, I recently published a piece describing how King Achav (Ahab) of Israel captured his enemy, Ben-Hadad, the King of Aram, and was ordered by the prophet to kill him, but preferred to be merciful, and let Ben-Hadad free. The prophet censures Achav for this, and tells him he and his nation will suffer […]

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Saving the World

Here are some posts about the especial quality of Torah learning (that is, the study of Torah for it’s own sake) to heal the world and bring about its perfection. Saving the World, part I The True Zionists —┬áSaving the World, part II Kollel: A Dirty Word — Saving the World part III

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