Bible Criticism, for G-d’s Sake

From a letter by Samuel David Luzzatto, printed in a book in Hebrew titled “Karmey Shomeron,” on the topic of the “Samaritans” in Jewish history and literature. Professor Luzzatto had become an expert in Syriac, the script of the ancient Samaritans, which was very similar to ancient Hebrew script. In this letter, he makes the […]

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The Genius of Hillel the Elder

Until modern times, it was assumed that Hillel‘s Seven Rules were based solely on Aristotelian logic. But modern scholars have shown that in reality Hillel’s syllogisms were beyond those of his Greek masters, approximating the methods used in modern logic today. For instance, one of his rules, known as Binyan Abh (בנין אב), is almost […]

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