Noah’s Blessing as articulated by Abraham Geiger

The Greeks had no teachers or patterns in Art and Science, they were their own teachers and masters, — they speedily appeared with such perfect accomplishment, as makes them the teachers of mankind for all times. It is as though a higher, more vivid taste for the Beautiful, the Harmonious, the Symmetrical and the Pleasing had been innate in the Greek nation, — we observe a National Genius that enabled it to produce masters in every art and science. Therefore, even later centuries willingly listened to the words of this nation, hastened thither where they could see the works of the plastic arts, where they could enjoy, as it were, a rejuvenating bath in the spiritual fountain that springs thence and carries its waters through the streams of centuries. Is not the Jewish people, likewise, endowed with such a Genius, with a Religious Genius? Is it not, likewise, an aboriginal power that illumined its eyes, so that it could penetrate the higher life of the spirit, understand more vividly, and feel more intensely the close relation between the spirit of man and the Supreme Spirit, would more distinctly and clearly behold the innermost nature of Human Morality, and then present the result to the world as its native-born knowledge. If this be so, we may speak of a close contact between the individual spirit and the Supreme Spirit, of an illumination of individual spirits by the Power that fills everything, so that they could break through their confining limits: it is — let us not hesitate to pronounce the word — Revelation, and this, too, as it was manifested in the whole people.

          -Abraham Geiger, Judaism and its History, Lecture III: Revelation, pp. 59-60


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