The Religion of Atheism


4 thoughts on “The Religion of Atheism

  1. Not sure why it’s called The Religion of Atheism’ considering it had nothing to do with religion or atheism. I guess it was just click bait?

    Now that guy needs to jump from presenting god as a deistic view and provide evidence for the specific god he is attempting to defend.

    1. “The Religion of Atheism” is not the title of this video from Prager University; the actual title is “Does Science Argue for or against God?” I titled the blog post “The Religion of Atheism” to make the point that to espouse a godless universe is to put on blinders and have “faith” that there is indeed no God despite overwhelming evidence of intelligent design (ergo, Designer/Creator). In that way, atheists must be more steadfast in their faith than theists (of ANY religion that espouses belief in a divine creator). The question of the identity of the Creator is a separate and legitimate one, but doesn’t negate the point that there IS a Creator, and on that question, ALL theists (or certainly the great majority) stand together. It is the atheists that hold the weaker position. Their faith must therefore be stronger, making their belief at least as much a religion as believers in a divine creator. Of course I use “religion” idiomatically, but I reserve the right to do that. By the same definition, Judaism would not count as a religion since it is not a faith-based, but rather a knowledge-based system. So I repeat, I mean religion not literally here but idiomatically. And all that was meant to be implied in the title. Of course, I’m happy to fill in the blanks.

      1. Thanks for clarifying. It was an interesting video.

        I do know that religious people like to pretend that not believing in something not supported by evidence takes more faith, but I disagree with that view.

        1) provide evidence that god exists
        2) provide evidence your specific god exists

        If you want to assert that your god is deistic, then by all means have at it. Once you start making claims on the nature of reality, you must offer evidence.

        And if faith is one of the cornerstones of your religion, why are you trying to prop atheists up by asserting they have even more of it than theists?

        It doesn’t make sense.

        And a lot of the science in that video was wrong. It’s a huge universe and we’ve only been looking for a very small amount of time. To say that we’ve been looking for 50 years and found nothing so screw it, we must be it and god must exist is a poor argument.

      2. 1) This video presents some evidence – the overwhelming marks of intelligent design in the universe, a design that seemed very much to have humanity in mind.
        2) If my specific God is the Creator, then 1 answers 2.
        Faith is NOT the cornerstone of Judaism (though it is the cornerstone of other faiths). As I wrote above, Judaism is a knowledge-based, not faith-based, system. Atheism, on the other hand, like most religions, is also a faith-based system (my original point).
        As for the “huge universe” and “small amount of time,” this video makes the point (correctly) that 50 years ago, if you asked a scientist the likelihood of finding extra-terrestrial life in the next 50 years, he would answer you extremely high. That was what science predicted. Problem is, the prediction turned out to be false. Today, to explain their failure, science has reverse-engineered the excuse of, “How do you expect us to find anything in a universe this big in such a short span of time?” But we were not the ones that expected it — THEY (the scientists) were. And THEY were wrong. This is what is known as the Fermi Paradox. But rather than admit they are willing, scientists today just make up excuses. In the end of the day the Fermi Paradox is still a paradox, one with which scientists continue to grapple with no conclusive resolution.
        Of course it’s possible that those who believe in a divine Creator are wrong. But the God hypothesis certainly resolves many problems with which science still struggles. Since the scientific community acknowledges these conundrums, and admits not to have the answers to the universe’s mysteries, how can an atheist proclaim all-knowingly that they KNOW it wasn’t God (any god) who made it that way? In fact, they CANNOT know, which is why atheism is based on faith, that is BELIEF (lacking conclusive evidence), that there is no god. Such a belief runs COUNTER to the evidence of intelligent (and anthropic) design. Agnosticism is a far more rational stance than atheism. Atheism is simply a more comfortable position, which is why it is so attractive and popular.

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