What Science Doesn’t Know 2

“What is Dark Matter and Dark Energy?”


2 thoughts on “What Science Doesn’t Know 2

  1. The answers are within the Torah. To paraphrase a Hindu friend of mine who is a PHD in mathematics, “If scientists find something that was already in the Torah, they wasted a lot of time and effort. If scientists find something that is NOT in the Torah, it is false, and they will waste a lot more time and effort due to their error.” Some of the ideas in this video would overturn such “rock-solid” principles as “The total mass plus energy in the universe remains constant” (sometimes stated as “Neither mass nor energy can be created”). Many scientists will be willing to overturn this principle, yet will keep the rest of their beliefs — based on the overturned principle — intact. A common example of this is scientists retaining their belief that fossils are millions of years old, even after it has been shown that the dating method (carbon dating) hugely error-prone and is virtually meaningless beyond several hundred years. The house built on a false foundation must come down.

    1. Well said, but a few questions. How can your Hindu friend be such an advocate for the Torah and still be a Hindu? Also, I agree that carbon dating does not work past a few thousand years, but to my knowledge, in dating fossils of greater antiquity, scientists use a potassium isotope. Am I misinformed?

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