What Scientists Don’t Know 3

“Could Dinosaurs Have Been Warm-Blooded?”

The above-linked video is from one of my favorite YouTube channels, SciShow. This post is a follow up to this one, about the uncertainty among scientists whether dinosaurs were warmblooded or coldblooded. What I wanted to highlight in this video is disagreement among scientists in the reliability of the methods themselves that some scientists are using to reach their conclusions. My point here is only that so-called scientific conclusions should always be regarded as tentative (until advancements in knowledge replace the old conclusions with newer ones), and taken with a grain of salt.

I may as well note here that the presenter makes casual mention of the recent discovery of dinosaur soft tissue (see related post here), without at all bothering to mention that scientists are baffled at how organic tissue could have survived millions of years without degrading. (Even Schweitzer’s “iron-rich blood” hypothesis, while a start, is far from sufficient to explain how such tissue could have been preserved for even thousands of years, let alone millions. On that note, if anyone out there does know of a scientific explanation that can account for this, I’m definitely interested to know about it.)


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