Love without reproof?

Any love that does not have reproof with it is not love. -Shlah, Parshas VaYera Advertisements

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Opportunity for charity precedes judgment

These are the words of the Zohar: ‘Rabbi Elazar says: Come see how benevolently the Holy One Blessed is He acts toward all people… for even at a time that He intends to judge the world, He causes the one He loves an avenue of merit prior to the judgment coming to the world, as we […]

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When in Rome…?

Midrash B’Reshis Rabah 48:16: “When you come to a city, behave according to the local etiquette. [From where do we learn this?] Since there is no eating and drinking in heaven, when Moshe went up to heaven [to retrieve the Torah], he did not eat, as it says… ‘I did not eat bread nor did […]

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Skepticism for Science

James Randi, famous skeptic, weighs in

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Hashem’s Loving Embrace

“When their eyes look up into My eyes, and My eyes into their eyes…”

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Jeshurun: Origin and Meaning [UPDATED October 2]

What’s up with Jeshurun? Where does this name come from? What does it signify?

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