When in Rome…?


Midrash B’Reshis Rabah 48:16:

“When you come to a city, behave according to the local etiquette. [From where do we learn this?] Since there is no eating and drinking in heaven, when Moshe went up to heaven [to retrieve the Torah], he did not eat, as it says… ‘I did not eat bread nor did I drink water’ (Deut. 9:9). But below (on earth), where there is eating and drinking, [it says,] ‘And [Avraham] stood over [the angels] under the tree and they ate.’


One thought on “When in Rome…?

  1. No eating and drinking in Heaven??!!! This does not appeal to me. I had been looking forward to a bacon cheeseburger. The Chinese believe that in the Next World, there is an unending banquet. So, you’re telling me no chulent? no mitz-eshkolyot? no banquet? no 72 virgins?? tell me they at least have TV or internet! I don’t really want to sit in the dust at the feet of “the wise” or play the harp (at least not continually). What the heck kind of religion is this?

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