What Science Knew but Didn’t Tell You

NOT a Creationist point of view. So-called “real science” has known for decades or longer the “facts” about falsehoods we were indoctrinated with as children. The title of this video is quite accurate — the brontosaurus and triceratops were indeed my favorite childhood dinosaurs, but in fact it has been known since before I was born that THEY NEVER EXISTED! And this is only the tip of the iceberg. I could go on but those of you who are interested will do your own research. Just think twice before swallowing every pill “science” peddles as reality.


2 thoughts on “What Science Knew but Didn’t Tell You

  1. In this video, Mr.Dominguez continues the whole mythos of dinosaurs living millions of years ago. He has simply re-categorized certain families and renamed a few species. But he basically accepts the Evolutionist fantasies of hundreds of millions of years of geology and he ignores the fact that ALL dinosaur skeletons are fabrications. Example: so-and-so stumbles across a very large object, presumed to be a bone fragment. A “scientist” extrapolates that this could only have come from a stupendous creature with scary teeth that lived countless millions of years ago. A new branch of “science” is conjured up: Paleontology. Any dino skeleton you see displayed in a museum is about 0.1% bone fragment and 99.9% plaster. It is slapped together using other fake dinos as models. There has never been any real evidence of “dinosaurs”, but it is useful to promote Evolutionist ideas and it is big business, so the myth is kept alive. Mr.Dominguez’s video does nothing to debunk dinosaurs; he merely moves the names around.

    1. I agree that the evidence for millions of years is wished into existence, and I agree that MANY “dinosaur” finds are a single bone imagined into a great beast that never was. But I am under the impression that a great many indisputable dinosaur fossils have been found (whole skeletons, etc.). Can you supply evidence that there are NO such genuine fossils?

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