Bible Study: Jeremiah 3

“I said, ‘Return to Me!’ but she did not return.”

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Scratch That, Reverse it

In an earlier post, I quoted from Tana d’Vey Eliyahu Rabah a story about Eliyahu haNavi (Elijah the Prophet) visiting a widow and instructing her to separate a portion of bread for him first as a sign that he (Eliyahu) would first come to the exile, followed by the redeemer. (Please read that story to […]

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We have only ourselves to blame

The words of G-d through His prophet Isaiah (27:4): I have no wrath; if only I could be as briars and thorns at war, I would step on her, I would set them aflame altogether. Rashi explains: “I have no wrath” — I cannot express My case to pour out my wrath against the nations, for Israel, too, […]

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