Bathrooms in the Desert?

Did the generation that wandered in the desert need to go to the bathroom?

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More on Nephesh

From Nephesh ha-Chayim, 1st Gate, Chapter 14: “Action is the faculty of the Nephesh, as it is written, ‘the soul (nephesh) that will do…’ (Numbers 15:30), ‘the souls (nephashoth) that do…’ (Leviticus 18:29), as well as many similar examples, ‘for the blood is the soul (nephesh)’ (Deuteronomy 12:23), meaning that the nephesh dwells and clothes itself in […]

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How Man’s faculties correspond to regions of the Soul

Kabbalistic literature sometimes reckons the soul as having three components, each “higher” than the last — nephesh (can be translated roughly as “spirit,” “soul,” or “life”), ruach (can be translated as “wind” or “spirit,” but in the context of the soul undoubtedly is more closely related to the latter), and neshamah (invariably translated as “soul”). (Seeming similarity or redundancy […]

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