Hats, Monkeys… and the Jews

Everybody knows and loves that good old children’s classic, Caps for Sale. In this ironic tale, the protagonist, a cap salesman who has the peculiar habit of wearing his wares in a towering pile on his head, takes a nap beneath a tree. When he awakes, he finds his hats missing and discovers that a […]

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Jealousy Incarnate

“All of the assembly in its entirety are holy and G-d is among them!” shouted Korach, poised at the head of the mob of rebels who had gathered to challenge Moses and Aaron. “Why do you exalt yourselves over the congregation of G-d!” (Numbers 16:3). The Talmud records that Korach’s attacks against Moses were not […]

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“I Believe with Perfect Faith…”

Question from a correspondent of mine: “Would you say that all of Maimonides’ Thirteen Principles of Faith are necessary for whatever you’re practicing to be Judaism? I bet #12 (the Coming of the Messiah) and more so #13 (Resuscitation of the Dead) are probably pretty tough for a lot of people…” Our answer: The prophets […]

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Musings on Music

“Recording engineers have learned… to imbue recordings with a real-world, life-like quality even when they’re made in sterile recording studios. There is a related reason why so many of us are attracted to recorded music these days–and especially now that personal music players are common and people are listening in headphones a lot. Recording engineers […]

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