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NOT a Creationist point of view. So-called “real science” has known for decades or longer the “facts” about falsehoods we were indoctrinated with as children. The title of this video is quite accurate — the brontosaurus and triceratops were indeed my favorite childhood dinosaurs, but in fact it has been known since before I was born that THEY NEVER EXISTED! And this is only the tip of the iceberg. I could go on but those of you who are interested will do your own research. Just think twice before swallowing every pill “science” peddles as reality.

Read “Diaspora Jews” in place of “Grecian Jews” (i.e. Jews of the Greco-Roman empire), and it seems to me a sad but accurate description of affairs even today.

“For Jews lived not exclusively in Palestine; from ancient times they had established Congregations among the Greeks, and spread more and more, the gloomier the aspect of affairs grew in their own land. Although they felt deep sympathy with the sufferings of their brethern left in their old country; although every woe which befell Palestine, their original home, found the deepest response in the hearts of the Grecian Jews; although they looked with reverence toward the sacred Temple, which ever remained their mother soil: yet they were exempt from the struggle going on there. While arms clashed in Judea, all energies were roused from day to day to attend to the wants of the day, to endure labors and hardships, to avert animosities, — while thus in Judea mind and strength were directed entirely toward the present, the Grecian Jews were, after all, only passive spectators, who beheld with profound grief, perhaps also under the derision of the Greeks, the coming destruction of their holy land, the speedy loss of their spiritual centre. Such were the sentiments of the Grecian Jews.”
      –Judaism and its History, p. 229

I recently published this video to my Facebook page:

I prefaced by saying real science indicates that so-called “Juice Cleanses” are not useful, and therefore, I opined, they are a sort of money-making scam.

One commenter called the video “ignorant.” Another referred me to The China Study.

Here is a quote from Wikipedia on that book:

“Hall argued that the book had references which do not support directly the claims made by the authors. She also stated that the book does not explain the exceptions to his data – for example that ‘stomach cancer rates are higher in China than elsewhere in the world’ or that there are countries whose diet includes high intake of animal protein, like Maasai and Eskimos, but that do not have the health issues described by the authors.” (Wikipedia)

Here’s the full article by Dr. Harriet Hall (“The SkepDoc”):

I know this is more of a Torah blog than a science one, but because of my interest in science and my recent exposure to a lot of “debunking” studies, I’ve become rather impassioned on the front of combatting the way pseudo-science has wrongly fooled otherwise innocent and well-being people. In a way, I feel like this is all about helping people. So I’m posting this piece since I went ahead and spent the time on it.

From Wikipedia entry on Calaveras skull, a modern-human-like skull found buried at a depth that would otherwise indicate its antiquity, dismissed as a hoax. Why:

Anthropologist William Henry Holmes of the Smithsonian Institution investigated around the turn of the century. He determined that the plant and animal fossils that had been discovered near the skull were indeed genuine, but the skull was too modern and concluded that “to suppose that man could have remained unchanged… for a million years, roughly speaking… is to suppose a miracle.”

So the depth of the skull discovered is evidence of its age, which would contradict the evolutionist claim that modern man did not live alongside other “ancient” species found in those strata. But evolution would have it that creatures change over time, so if the fossil was so “old,” it wouldn’t look so much like modern man. Perhaps that would be evidence that the strata are not as old as evolutionists require it to be for their theory to work (which it doesn’t anyway). But, no, rather, the requirement of the theory to have millions of years rather invalidates the “modern” skull. So it must not be real. Anyone else see the faulty reasoning here? It seems it is this kind of bias that drives much of the “evidence” for evolution.