Some Things Never Change

Isaiah 15:5: My heart cries out over [the downfall of] Moab… Rashi comments: The prophets of Israel are not like the prophets of the nations of the world. Balaam (a gentile prophet, see Numbers 22:2-24:25) sought to uproot Israel over nothing, but the prophets of Israel mourn over the retribution that befalls the nations. I […]

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Jews of the World — UNPLUG!

Great news item about getting “unplugged.” Just wanted to share this one: Company Pays Employees $7,500 to Go on Vacation – But No Texting, Email, Or Phone Calls Great excerpt from the article: Some of Lorang’s software engineers that have taken him up on his offer say while it was difficult initially going off the […]

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Comic Reproof

This re-posted from the Dalai Lama by a friend of mine via social media with the title: “Listen to the guy… Extend your life”: Like anyone else, I too have the potential for violence; I too have evil in me. However, I try to recall that anger is a destructive emotion. I remind myself that […]

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Hebrew Halos and Abrahamic Auras

Isaiah 13:10: For the stars of the heavens and their constellations will not shine (‘yahelu’) their light… The Hebrew word ‘yahelu’ here means “will shine.” The root of this word is the two Hebrew letters ‘heh’ and ‘lamed,’ which make the ‘H’ and ‘L’ sounds, respectively. Similarly, in English, the word “halo,” according to the […]

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