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The Path of the Just (מסילת ישרים), Ch. 24:


We have already found that the great transcendent angels tremble and shudder constantly before the awesomeness of the Eternal, to such a degree that our Sages of blessed memory have said in a wise allegory (Chagigah 13B): ‘From where does the [Heavenly] River of Fire originate? From the sweat of the holy creatures [who serve the Eternal].’ And this is because of their awe of the exaltedness of the Blessed One that is constantly upon them, lest they detract, even if only in a small way, from the glory and sanctity that befits Him.

All of our wisdom is like naught —  for our greatest of sages cannot be regarded as anything other than a disciple of the disciples of former generations… Rather, we must recognize that our understanding is superficial, that our minds are extremely weak, that ignorance is widespread among us, that error is multiplying, and that the knowledge that we do possess is miniscule.”

Rabbi Moshe Chayim Luzzato, The Path of the Just, Ch. 22