Torah and the Draft in Israel

We have already written here of the righteous King Asa and his bold acts to restore the glory of G-d to Judah after it had fallen into idolatry. He certainly built a legacy as one of Judah’s greatest and most righteous kings. However, the prophet nevertheless records (I Kings 15:23): …but in the time of […]

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Of kings, queens, and fetishes

In the book of Melachim (Kings), we are told the sad story of the descent of the Kingdom of David, from its original grandeur under righteous kings such as David and his son Shelomoh (Solomon), to the split during the reign of Shelomoh’s son Rechavam, when ten tribes of Israel seceded to form a new […]

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Lilith and the Exodus

See this earlier post for a primer on Lilith. More on Lilith: After the murder of Adam’s son Hevel (Abel) by Adam’s older son Kayin (Cain), Adam and Chavah (Eve) do not have any more children until they are 130 years old, at which time they procreate once again “in their image,” having a son […]

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Candlelight as a Feather

Since childhood I have been taught (in school, though at home we were not religiously observant enough to uphold this practice) that when searching out leaven (‘chametz’) in one’s home the night before Passover, one does so with three props: a candle, a feather, and a wooden spoon. The reason for the candle was clear: […]

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