Doomed to Repeat Them

We constantly hear in the media and from left-leaning individuals and groups, as well as from the United Nations and the spokespeople of the various world nations, about the evils perpetrated by the State of Israel any time it takes defensive actions against the groups or individuals that have sworn to destroy it. The enemies of […]

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Gates of Blessing

The Upper Realm has one hundred gates (מאה שערים). Each gate has an opening from which flows a wellspring of blessing to the world. From there our forefather Isaac drew one hundred forms of blessing, from the Hundred Gates, from which blessing and bounty and Divine Emanation come forth to all creations. Therefore… the Tent […]

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Two Tablets given at Sinai in the form of G-d’s Name

The Tetragrammaton, or Four-Letter Name of G-d, is formed by the Hebrew letters ‘Yud’-‘Heh’-‘Vav’-‘Heh.’ According to Rabbi Yeshayah Horowitz (zt”l) in his magnum opus, Sheney Luchoth ha-Berith (known by its abbreviation, the ShLa”H), this name is reflected in the shape of the two tablets containing the Ten Commandments. The letter ‘yud’ has a numerical value of 10 in Hebrew,thus the […]

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