“Yearn” (“Burn” parody)

“For freedom we yearn… so the Torah we may learn…”

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Lilith and the Exodus

See this earlier post for a primer on Lilith. More on Lilith: After the murder of Adam’s son Hevel (Abel) by Adam’s older son Kayin (Cain), Adam and Chavah (Eve) do not have any more children until they are 130 years old, at which time they procreate once again “in their image,” having a son […]

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Spiritual Cartwheels

I must admit, when I first got married, I was a lazy bum. I didn’t help around the house at all, not with cleaning, not with cooking, not with laundry. I even remember having a conversation with my wife-to-be, during the period of our engagement, about who would change diapers when the time came, G-d […]

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Jews of the World — UNPLUG!

Great news item about getting “unplugged.” Just wanted to share this one: Company Pays Employees $7,500 to Go on Vacation – But No Texting, Email, Or Phone Calls Great excerpt from the article: Some of Lorang’s software engineers that have taken him up on his offer say while it was difficult initially going off the […]

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