Does God Eat?

“Without this, God would disengage His essence from the universe, and at once it would revert completely to absolute nothingness…”

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Hannah’s Song, rendered into rhyming English

“The one who had no children will give birth to seven sons / While she with many children will mourn every one.”

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Bible Study: Jeremiah 3

“I said, ‘Return to Me!’ but she did not return.”

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Saving the World, part IV

II Kings 2:8: “My father, my father, the chariots of Israel and the horsemen thereof!” Targum: “My master, my master (‘Rabbi, Rabbi’), whose prayers are more beneficial to Israel than chariots and horsemen!” Advertisements

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Science + Torah = Good 4 All

Science confirms that Torah is the source of all existence. Well, sorta.

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Hashem’s Loving Embrace

“When their eyes look up into My eyes, and My eyes into their eyes…”

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